1984   "Evening", Republic Youth Exhibition "Peace to the world", Yerevan
1987     Exhibition with participation of graduates of the Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts, Beirut , Lebanon
1987    "White Mountains", All-Union Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
1987     "An Old Landscape", Republic Exhibition, "The Youth of the Country", Yerevan
1988     "Silence", "The Man and the Nature", Republic Exhibition, Yerevan
1988     Republic Youth Exhibition, Yerevan
1991     Days of Armenian Culture in Tallinn, Estonia
1992     Contemporary Art from Armenia with Participation of a group of Armenian artists, Paris, France
1994     "Yerevan Landscape", Gallery of Russian art, Yerevan
1995      Days of Armenian Culture in Bochum, Germany
1995      "Landscape", Republic Exhibition devoted to the 80 th Anniversary of Genocide, Yerevan
1998      Presentation- Exhibition of the NJR Art Gallery, Yerevan
1999      Contemporary Art from Armenia with participation of a group of Armenian artists, Moscow,
              Embassy of Armenia
2000      Presentation-Exhibition of the concern “Daimler Chrysler”, Moscow, "Heavenly Gift"
2001      Presentation-Exhibition of the group "Crossroad", Yerevan
2001      Exhibition dedicated to the 1700 th Anniversary of the adoption of Christianity in Armenia, Yerevan ,               "Spring"
2001      Exhibition “Dante in Armenian Imitative Arts”, Ravenne, Italy
2004      Exhibition of the group “Crossroad”, Yerevan
2005      Art Caucasus, Tbilisi
2006      Personal Exhibition, Yerevan
2007      Year of Armenian Culture in France, Tours

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